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Do you want a reliable and efficient electrician to handle your electrical needs? We can help! Our company offers professional and high-quality electrical services to meet your needs

Welcome To Prime

Do you need a reliable and efficient electrician to handle your electrical issues? We can help! Our company offers professional and high-quality electrical services to meet your needs.

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Residential electricity is power for homes and apartments, including wiring, breakers, switches, outlets, and appliances. It’s vital for electronics, lighting, and heating. Safety measures and a qualified electrician’s help are important for compliance and safety.


Commercial electricity is power for businesses and industrial buildings, including offices, stores, factories, and warehouses. It involves the installation of complex electrical systems, such as transformers, generators, and high-voltage equipment. Commercial electricity is essential for heavy machinery, lighting, climate control, and other equipment required for business operations. However, safety measures and compliance with codes and standards are critical to prevent electrical hazards. Seeking the help of a qualified electrician or electrical engineer is highly recommended for installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial electrical systems.

Private Utilities

Private electric utilities refer to companies or organizations that generate, transmit, and distribute electricity to customers within a specific geographic area. These utilities are privately owned and operate independently from government-owned or public utilities. Private electric utilities are subject to regulations and standards to ensure their services are safe and reliable, and they generally charge customers for their services. While they may offer certain advantages, such as greater efficiency and flexibility, there may also be concerns about the cost and accessibility of their services. Public utilities, which are owned and operated by the government, may offer more affordable and accessible services to consumers. However, some areas may not have access to public utilities, and private electric utilities may be the only option available.

PV Solar Installation

PV solar installation involves installing solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight. This eco-friendly solution can help reduce reliance on traditional power sources and lower energy costs. It’s important to have qualified professionals carry out the installation to ensure it complies with safety standards and regulations. Proper maintenance and monitoring of the system are also necessary for optimal performance and longevity.

Services Upgrades

Electric service upgrades involve upgrading or replacing electrical systems to improve their safety, efficiency, and capacity. This can include replacing old wiring, installing new circuit breakers, upgrading electrical panels, or increasing the service capacity to meet the growing demand for electricity.

Emergency Generetors

Emergency generators are backup power sources that automatically turn on in the event of a power outage. These generators are typically powered by natural gas or diesel fuel and are designed to provide electricity to critical systems, such as medical equipment, refrigeration, and lighting, during emergencies. Emergency generators are commonly used in hospitals, data centers, and other critical infrastructure facilities, as well as in residential settings. It’s important to ensure that emergency generators are installed and maintained by qualified professionals and comply with safety codes and standards. Regular testing and maintenance of the generators are necessary to ensure they are operational when needed.

Lighting Desing

Lighting design is the process of creating lighting schemes that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space. This involves selecting and positioning light fixtures, such as lamps and bulbs, to achieve a desired mood and atmosphere, while also ensuring adequate illumination for tasks and activities. Lighting design can greatly impact the look and feel of a space, as well as energy consumption and costs. It’s important to consider factors such as the purpose of the space, the type of activities that will take place, and the natural light available when designing a lighting scheme. Working with a qualified lighting designer can help ensure optimal results in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

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Electric shock

Electric shock can be a deadly danger and is one of the most significant risks associated with electrical maintenance. If you are not familiar with proper precautions for working with electricity, it is easy to suffer an electric shock when handling wires or electrical equipment.

Short Circuit

A short circuit can occur when two wires or electrical components come into contact with each other, creating a spark. This can cause fires, explosions, and permanent damage to equipment.

Wiring Problems

Wiring problems can include poorly installed or defective wiring, loose connections, or exposed wires. These problems can lead to short circuits, electric shocks, fires, and damage to your electrical appliances.

Equipment Incompatibility

Using electrical equipment that is not designed to work together can lead to overload, equipment failures, and other electrical hazards. Additionally, attempting to repair equipment without the proper skills and knowledge can worsen problems and potentially cause permanent damage to your appliances.